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Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dancing is a colorful, dynamic, and highly theatrical dance style seen in Indian films. It combines classical forms of dance including traditional Indian, folk, salsa, and belly dance while also incorporating more contemporary western forms such as hip hop, jazz, and funk. Having no set rules, Bollywood dancing is the perfect means to encourage freedom of expression.

Free Style Dancing

Freestyle is an inventive, creative dance style. It is a unique and artistic form of self-expression and complete improvisation of movement by the dancer. Dancers do not plan or choreograph their motions beforehand and there is no rehearsal of the routine. All movements are decided intuitively and at the moment, creating an original dance experience.

And other forms of Dancing

You can learn any form of Dance with the Expert Abhishek Jain

Meet Abhisek Jain

Abhisek Jain is a known choreographer in the Rajasthani industry & runs a YouTube channel with a distribution of close to 2 million Subscribers with monthly 11o+ million views on it and lifetime views crossing 600 Million. 

He has judged Jodhpur's got talent S02 & S03 & performed in various hit Rajasthani Songs. 

He has also won the show Nach10 (News24) and was a runner-up at Battle of Dance (Sadhna TV).

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What our students say about us:

When energy meets the perfection, that is called Abhi Jain Dance World 

By Puja Choudhary

Abhi sir helped me a lot with my dance journey

By Suraj

Abhi sir is a perfect tutor and his way of teaching is very easy and comfortable 

By Suhas


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